To generate, develop and sustain a voluntary movement on HSE at the National Level aimed at educating and influencing society to adopt appropriate policies, practices and procedures that prevent and mitigate human suffering and economic loss arising from all types of accidents.

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Will sustain its position as a premier, non-profit, self-financing and tripartite apex body at the national level. Towards the above goal, NSC will continue to acquire professional excellence with focus on high quality service, customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness.

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Awards & Rewards

The Council during its past years of existence has successfully organised and conducted several industrial Safety programmes both for Management and Workmen on in-company and Inter-Company basis. The Chapter had designed and conducted a number of Road Safety Programmes for Licensed Drivers.

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Foucs Areas

  • First aid.
  • Safe handling, storage and transportation of hazardous chemicals.
  • Safety Management in oil and petrochemicals, tanneries and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Industrial accident prevention – need of safety.
  • Occupational health, safety and environment.
  • Fire prevention and protection techniques.
  • Fire safety in project sites, hotels, high-rise buildings and warehouses.
  • Fire safety in takfarms and terminals.
  • Public safety education.
  • Industrial fire safety management – science and techniques of firefighting.
  • Defensive driving for road safety.
  • Relevance of occupational health in industries.
  • Industrial hygiene.
  • Environmental protection measures.
  • Electrical installation safety.
  • Hazard prevention, preparedness and response in chemical and petrochemical plants.
  • Safe work permit system – procedure and issuance.
  • Safe handling of LPG; safe procedure for hydro test of LPG spheres and bullets-safe charging and discharging operations.
  • Emergency planning, preparedness and response.
  • Personal protective equipment – the life saver – selection and usage.
  • Planning for community fire and emergency services.

Services Undertaken

  • Risk Assessment
  • HAZOP Study
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Process Safety Management Technique
  • Fault Tree Analysis
  • Preliminary Hazard Analysis
  • Consequence Modeling
  • Preparation, planning and organising on-site and off-site emergency plans.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Audit
  • Electrical Audit
About National Safety Council
National Safety Council (NSC) was set up by the Ministry of Labour, Government of India. Click Here
How to apply
To apply for membership please contact Office Bearers of NSC Uttarakhand. Click Here
All industrial undertakings registered under the Factories Act, 1948 and situated in Uttarakhand are eligible.

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